Video: "Weniger als die Hälfte"


Märchenprinz  - Prince Charming

Exhibition of site-specific installations and photo installations at
The exhibition deals with the subject of women's rights. Much has changed in the post-war years, but the old dream of the fairy tale prince and the beautiful princess still hovers in the air. Installations and photo installation - partly in joint works - visualize the different treatment of men and women in the world of law and everyday life.

Bettina will also be showing a 4.50 meter long knitted wall carpet ‘Less than half – Weniger als die Hälfte’. The narrower, coloured area knitted from printed and painted canvas by Biggi, shows the representation of women in Swiss law and society - from the 16th century to the present day - alongside the larger, blue area, representing men.




Bettina at work in London studio

Biggi at work in Switzerland