Video: "Weniger als die Hälfte"


You are cordially invited to the exhibition opening

Märchenprinz  - Prince Charming

Exhibition of site-specific installations and photo installations at

ANNA GÖLDI MUSEUM Glarus, Fabrikstrasse 9, Hängiturm, 8755 Ennenda, Switzerland

OPENING: Friday, 4th May 2018 at 18.30
with musical contributions by Schroeder/Smith, video projection of film ‘Less Than Half’ and  talk by Andrea Trummer

The exhibition deals with the subject of women's rights. Much has changed in the post-war years, but the old dream of the fairy tale prince and the beautiful princess still hovers in the air. Installations and photo installation - partly in joint works - visualize the different treatment of men and women in the world of law and everyday life.

Bettina will also be showing a 4.50 meter long knitted wall carpet ‘Less than half – Weniger als die Hälfte’. The narrower, coloured area knitted from printed and painted canvas by Biggi, shows the representation of women in Swiss law and society - from the 16th century to the present day - alongside the larger, blue area, representing men.




Bettina at work in London studio

Biggi at work in Switzerland




The exhibition is open from 5th – 27th May 2018, Wednesday - Sunday, from 1:30 to 6:00 pm  –   –

FURTHER EVENTS  weekend 4-6 May 20018 in Glarus:

SATURDAY -  Flea - market Glarus

SUNDAY -  Open air unique event - Swiss direct democracy in Glarus
First Sunday in May: an open air display of Swiss direct democracy and a unique event of its kind in the world. On a specific day, the citizens entitled to vote gather under the open sky to elect their government and courts, and to decide about laws and financial matters. The first officially documented Landsgemeinde took place in 1294, three years after the historic alliance (the Rütli oath) of the founding cantons in 1291.The Landsgemeinde is an original form of Swiss direct democracy.